Dissemination and Public Engagement

The Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering intends to put the knowledge produced through its research activities at the disposal of the society as a whole, in order to contribute to the educational, cultural and societal development.



OpenLab: the Departments’ laboratories are open to the public in order to make research activities more visible and to attract interest of students, researchers, companies and citizens toward environmental engineering issues. 


Talks in the Library: the Library of the Department organizes open talks exploring the links between environment and philosophy, economy, history, anthropology, …




2019 application/pdf (498.50 kB)




Maux Media - Secondary School of First Degree Maria Ausiliatrice in Turin has been a guest of DIATI : Una “inondazione” di giovanissimi al DIATI alla scoperta di acqua, territorio e ambiente

3rd November 2017

DIATI at the World Environmental Education Congress : Prof. Elena Comino took part to the 9th World Environmental Education Congress taking place in Vancouver from 9th to 15th of September

September 2017

Exhibition ROCCE, CRISTALLI, METEORITI: exhibition of the historical geo-mineralogical and mining collections of the Departments of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering, organized in collaboration with the Libraries and Museum Area of Politecnico di Torino 

21st April – 7th October 2017

GreenCoffee: “Popular Science” seminars on selected topics of public interest in the domains of environment and land protection and management, sustainable use of resources and eco-friendly development of infrastructures and transport 

7th April 2017

Archeological Excavation in the Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt: the Department Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering is involved in a project of geophysical mapping of the Valley of the Kings 

3rd April 2017

DIATI donates a set of surveying equipment to St. Joseph University in Tanzania: The shipment of two Total Stations to the Department of Civil Engineering of Saint Joseph University in Tanzania has been successfully concluded

27th March 2017

Workshop organized by DIATI: Smart technologies, agriculture and environment: challenges and perspectives

16th January 2017

Gli studenti del corso di Idrologia tenuto dal Prof. Pierluigi Claps rielaborano i dati dell’alluvione che ha colpito il Piemonte a fine novembre 

November 2016

Video of interventions in Amatrice (earthquake in Central Italy, august 2016)  Video on Youtube

August-October 2016

Participation to Terra Madre fair: Three research groups from DIATI present their posters

22-26 September 2016