Services to the business sector

Research collaborations with the Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering can be implemented by different means:

  • Framework agreements
  • Research contracts
  • Research consultancy
  • Training services
  • Transfer of research results
  • Testing services for third parties

A Framework Agreement is an agreement between Politecnico and a business counterpart, expressing the will of cooperating in one or more activity sectors. Framework agreements can pave the way to the signature of research contracts in the sectors mentioned by the agreement.

Research contracts regulate pure and applied research services provided to public and private counterparts. They have a clear stated objective, well defined in terms of both duration and contents.

Research consultancy refers to activitiesthat are based on already established know-how and lead to the delivery of opinions on technical or scientific issues. They may be related to specific project activities, to solution of specific problems raised by the client or to reports presenting the results of testing services.

Training services refer to the organization and implementation of courses, seminars, conferences and any other activity related to teaching, provided that such activities go beyond the institutional ones.  

Transfer of research results is carried out putting at the disposal of a third party the results of already implemented researches or studies. 

Testing services for third parties refer to technical and scientific analysis, testing and calibration activities that issue an official certification reporting the results of tests and measurements on materials, devices and facilities requested by a third party, with no provision of specific opinions. The Department hosts several research and testing laboratories where a number of tests and analysis can be provided. For further details on the services offered by our Laboratories, please refer to the Laboratories webpage.

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