Coordinator: Prof. Roberto Revelli


This outdoor laboratory aims to asses the potential for climate change adaptation of technologies related to roofs and vegetated walls. The key mechanisms that will be analyzed are: thermal inertia and evaporative cooling provided by vegetation; reduction of the consumption of electricity and fuels used for air conditioning and heating of buildings; reduction of the impact of extreme precipitation events; combined action of the filter due to soil substrates and to the life cycle of plants for the purification of air and meteoric water.

Works to build the laboratory are in progress. Please find here a demonstrational scheme of its main parts.

The laboratory benefits from the synergy with SUPERGREEN, a projecttesting the use of green walls for the treatment of gray water (from sinks, showers, washing machines). In searching solutions to adapt to climate conditions with fewer available natural and energy resources, further opportunities come from the synergy with the NANOGRASS project (nanostructured herbicides with reduced toxicity and persistence).

The laboratory equipment allow to measure  the main meteorological and atmospheric variables, the water flows in the soil and underground, as well as the analysis of water and air quality.