The third edition of the 2nd level specializing Master in Climate Change: Adaptation and Mitigation Solutions started in January 2022 at the Politecnico di  Torino. The Master is designed for students and professionals who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of the climate change impact and the innovative technologies that will drive the mitigation and adaptation responses to global warming.

The first part of the programme (January-July) consists of 4 modules (460 h): Introduction to Climate Change, Mitigation Solutions, Adaptation Solutions, and Corporate Approaches to Climate Change. The courses will be held by international scientists and high-level lecturers from the private sector.

During the second part (September-November), the Master students will have the opportunity of a 500 hours internship in the innovation and sustainability areas of one of the outstanding companies involved in this project.

The 2nd level specializing Master is intended for graduate students with a technical background (Master's degree in Agricultural Science, Architecture, Biology, Computer Science, Chemistry, Geoscience, Geography, Engineering, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, or Science and Technology).

Fee waivers are available for the most creditable students.

Find out more here: https://didattica.polito.it/master/climate_change/2022/introduction

Information on the 4th edition will be published during the summer 2022.