Conversazione sull'impatto del digitale #3

Friday, Febraury 3rd 2023, 14.30 – 16.00

(This talk will be in English)


The digital transition – supported also by the Next Generation EU fundings – should be used as an opportunity to rethink the organizational and communication models used in every enterprise to manage the social, environmental and economic impact of digital technologies.
The Conversation explains what CDR policies consist of and how CDR can be used to plan positive impacts, reduce negative consequences, measuring and monitoring progress from the current state toward a commonly shared desired state. The CDR manifesto proposed by starts is explained in detail, as well as it increasingly use across the globe.
The conversation will focus then on the specific positive experiences in implementing CDR policies at the well-known Merck company.


  • Rob Price, Founder and Executive Director, Alchemmy
  • Jean Enno Charton, Director Digital Ethics and Bioethics, Merck

Pietro Jarre, Sloweb and Alvise Mattozzi, Politecnico di Torino

Attendance to the talk may be:
- In presence for students and PhD students enroled in the entire cycle; other participants will be admitted upon registration (limited availability of seats)
- In streaming on our Youtube channel:

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