Coordinator: Prof. Davide Poggi


The cc-core-lab will host:
- a control room to monitor, process and disseminate data collected in other sites

- a room equipped with a rainfall simulator that allows to reproduce a given rainfall intensity (also very intense ones). This allows to evaluate the efficiency of measuring instruments, the effects on soil, on road pavements, on the airborne pathogens transmission by droplets and to simulate the interception of atmospheric particulate matter.

- a controlled temperature room, ranging from from -5 °C to +40 °C, to evaluate the effect of freeze-thaw cycles and of extreme temperatures on soils and road pavements. In addition, innovative tools for the measurement of the equivalence between water and snow will be evaluated in this laboratory.

- an equipped room and supplies for the development of prototypes of negative emissions technologies, and of useful prototypes for the development and validation of new technologies for energy optimization and greenhouse gases mitigation

- a room dedicated to the evaluation of the potential for climate change mitigation and of water treatment technologies by renewable energy, in collaboration with the Environmental Chemistry Lab and the CleanWaterCenter@PoliTo.