Mountain and its territory are at the center of numerous research activities and projects implemented at DIATI.

The following infographic summarizes the main research topics and it is followed by a list of the main ongoing funded projects and the laboratories and student teams dealing with research related to the mountains.



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RESERVAQUA - Implementation of a network of services for the study, protection, exploitation and sustainable management of water on a local and regional scale in a transboundary alpine territory, European Research Project, Cooperation Programme INTERREG V-A ITALY SWITZERLAND - POLITO (DIATI): partner. Scientific manager Stefano Lo Russo 

CLIMATE_CHANGE@POLITO, financed by the Italian Ministry for Education and Research, Departments of Excellence. DIATI: beneficiary. Scientific manager Francesco Laio 

RESBA - REsilienza degli SBArramenti: ALCOTRA V programme France and Italy - Polito (DIATI and DISEG): partners. Scientific manager for DIATI Davide Poggi 

ALPIMED CLIMA ALCOTRA - INTERREG programme. POLITO: implementing body for the Chamber of Commerce of Cuneo. Scientific manager for DIATI Davide Poggi 

ALPIMED INNOV ALCOTRA - INTERREG programme. POLITO: implementing body for the Chamber of Commerce of Cuneo. Scientific manager for DIATI Irene Aicardi 



The Department also implements research contracts with public and private institutions.

As an example we mention: 

Technical-scientific support to the design of sediment management works of the Orco torrent. Contractor: Metropolitan City of Turin. Scientific manager Carlo Camporeale 

Rocky slopes study in relation to the problem of falling rocks with deepening of the possible detachments and related rolling trajectories. Contractor: Lombardi Ingegneria Srl. Scientific manager Daniele Peila 

Research activity for the hydraulic characterization of TELT site, planned in the locality of Salbertrand, in order to monitor the meso-habitat of aquatic plants in wetlands. Contractor:TELT. Scientific manager Fulvio Boano 

Application of the MesoHABSIM (MesohabitatSimulation Model) methodology, for the study of habitat preferences of the local native fish fauna. Contractor: ENTE PARCO ALPI COZIE Geobiodiv. Scientific manager Paolo Vezza 

Collection of field data in the provinces of Turin and Cuneo for the application of the Mesohabsim methodology (Mesohabitat Simulation Model). Contractor: ENTE PARCO ALPI COZIE Cobiodiv. Scientific manager Paolo Vezza 

New Col de Tende Tunnel. Assessment, monitoring and control of the risks induced by the construction of underground works on human activities: the protection of the water resource of the source of the Tende river. Contractor: ANAS Spa. Scientific manager Adriano Fiorucci



cc-glacier.lab - Scientific manager Alberto Cina - The cc-glacier-lab is dedicated to the monitoring of glacial masses with innovative methodologies. 

cc-paleo-lab - Scientific manager Bartolomeo Vigna - The laboratory deals with field measurements, in underground cavities, aimed at the reconstruction of paleoclimate in the Alpine region. 

Water analysis laboratory - Scientific Manager Adriano Fiorucci - Water analysis laboratory (inorganic parameters) and soil/rocks by wet way. Related researches to the quality of groundwater and rare earth. 

HYDRAULICS AND FLUID MECHANICS laboratory - Scientific manager Davide Poggi - Concerning the mountain environment, the laboratory supports research and consultancy activities in the following fields: river and torrential hydraulics, physical modeling of dams, ecohydraulics. 

TUNNELLING & ROCK ENGINEERING CENTRE (TRE centre) Laboratory - Scientific manager Daniele Peila - The laboratory includes the RoPE LAB - Rockfall Protection Engineering Laboratory and the TUSC LAB - Tunnelling and Underground Space Laboratory 

GEOMECHANICS AND GEOTECHNOLOGY Laboratory - Scientific manager Claudio Oggeri The laboratory deals with tests for physical and mechanical characterization of soil and rocks.



  • Mi Lego al Territorio - Scientific manager Pierluigi Claps - Educational initiative on the theme of water, proper land management and flood protection.
  • Direct Team (Disaster RECovery Team) - The team is composed by students who are part of the architecture and engineering areas that have the realization and maintenance of a continuous student training in the field of advanced technologies of 3D Metric Survey and Remote Sensing with innovative techniques as their goal.