Pollutant dispersion from industrial sites

Model of the industrial site and the results of pollutant dispersion simulations.

During industrial accidents, pollutants are released into the atmosphere, increasing the toxicity, explosiveness and radioactivity risk level of the area. The dispersion of pollutants is affected by the complex geometry of the industrial site. Our research team is working to study dispersion phenomena in such complex geometries using two approaches. The first one involves concentration measurements in a small-scale industrial site reproduced in the wind tunnel of the LMFA laboratory of Ecole Centrale de Lyon; the second one employs experimental data to validate dispersion models.

The inversion of these models enables the identification of the pollutant source when it is unknown.

PhD thesis: Claudia Schiavini

Researchers: Mariachiara Zanetti, Deborah Panepinto, Marco Ravina, Massimo Marro, Lionel Soulhac, Pietro Salizzoni