Air quality field measurements

TrAIRer (TRailer for AIR and Environmental Research). The mobile measuring station CC-Moving-Lab is employed to carry out air quality measurements. It consists of a van and the TrAIRer (TRailer for AIR and Environmental Research). The station is adaptable to any situation, in order to evaluate aerosol and environmental parameters in the atmosphere, even in very different scenarios: urban, rural, alpine and costal. At the same time, thanks to the installed equipment, the station can provide accurate measurements just like a stationary research laboratory. 

The installed equipment includes a meteorological station which describes weather conditions; an analyser to detect the concentration of atmospheric particulate matter in the fractions of PM2.5, PM10 and PTS, and another analyser which measures the concentrations of PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10 and PTS, allowing a data cross-check and the correct operation of both tools. Furthermore, there are two analysers that measure nitric oxide and ozone, and a gravimeter capable of measuring PM2.5 and PM10 according to the inserted sampling head.

Concentration of PM fractions measured in Turin in November 2021.

Researchers: Marina Clerico, Davide Gallione, Vincenzo Vaccaro, Mastromatteo Nicole

References: Boanini, C., Mecca, D., Pognant, F., Bo, M., & Clerico, M. (2021). Integrated mobile laboratory for air pollution assessment: Literature review and cc-trairer design. Atmosphere12(8), 1004.