29 - Nook Talk@DIATI

Mercoledì 9 gennaio 2019 - dalle ore 13:30 alle 14:30 - Politecnico di Torino, Sala Riunioni - 1° piano, DIATI ingresso 3


Speaker: Lucia Tsantilis RTDa at DIATI - Prof. Ezio Santagata moderates the discussion

ABSTRACT - Self-healing is the natural antidote to crack based distresses which occur in flexible pavements. While traffic causes a progressive degradation of bound-layers materials, the time which elapses between successive loadings allows a recovery of mechanical
properties that can be partially attributed to self-healing mechanisms. Hence, a clear understanding and rationalization of such phenomena can strongly impact on the durability of pavement infrastructures. This talk will provide an overview of the experimental investigations carried out on self-healing in the Road Materials Laboratory at DIATI.  Research challenges, actual applications and future perspectives will also be discussed during the presentation.

BIOGRAPHY - Lucia Tsantilis currently works as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering of the Politecnico di Torino. She received the PhD degree in “Structures and Infrastructures” from Università Politecnica delle Marche in 2012 with a thesis on “Damage and healing phenomena in bituminous binders”. After her PhD, she worked as a research fellow at Politecnico di Torino on a FIRB project focused on “Innovative nano structured and polymer modified bituminous materials”. Her research interests primarily lie in developing highperformance and eco-friendly binders containing additives derived from wastes and recycling processes, in rheology of both bituminous and non-petroleum-based binders, in multiscale characterization and modelling of paving materials. She is an active member of several international technical committees dealing with aspects related to crack healing, phase and interphase behaviour, and chemo-mechanical characterization of bituminous materials.