ResCult – Increasing RESilience of CULTural heritage: a supporting decision tool for the safeguarding of cultural assets

The project aims at enhancing the capability of Civil Protection to prevent/mitigate disasters impacts on Cultural Heritage through the realization of an Integrated European Interoperable Database designed to provide a unique framework for Civil Protection, national Ministries, the European Union and local authorities as supporting decision tool to understand the risk of damage to Cultural Heritage as well as its impact on cohesion sustainable cultural tourism and engagement with local communities in protecting environment. The database will design and prototype an European Heritage Map, a sort of ‘cadaster’ of happened disasters with evaluations about affected items, a platform for monitoring and modelling risk scenarios in specific disasters, ad advise seeking interface, a platform for acquiring crowd-data, a 3D models to help finding/recognizing dispersed artworks and support restoration post-emergency and preserve digital memory in case of destruction, a knowledge base useful for training, education and research about Cultural Heritage and disaster reduction.

Project sheet ResCult application/pdf (176.29 kB)

Class International project
Status Completed (30/06/2018)
Type European Research Projects
Lenght 18 months

Siti - Istituto Superiore sui Sistemi Territoriali


Politecnico di Torino; United Nations Office for Disasater Risk Reduction;  Technische Universitat Berlin; Consorzio per il Coordinamento delle Ricerche inerenti al Sistema Lagunare di Venezia; Service Departemental d’Incendie et de Secours des Alpes de Haute Provence

Funding Body

Commissione Europea - DG ECHO European Civil Protection and humanitarian Aid Operations

Budget Total Budget: 593.919,83 €
Budget Politecnico: 117.196,66 €
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