Projects Research

Since its establishment in 2012, DIATI has actively participated in competitive research, implementing more than 180 projects by taking part in European Union research programmes and by participating in national and regional research calls for proposals dedicated to the department's research areas, for an overall amount of resorces equal to 20+ million euros.

DIATI also has a very strong and consolidated tradition in industrial and commercial research. Over the years, commercial research contracts have increased considerably, attracting more than 100 contracts per year, for a total amount of 35+ million euros stipulated to date.

Finally, another instrument supports the Department's research activities: institutional agreements. These agreements, stipulated pursuant to Article 15 of Italian Law 241/1990, allow Politecnico di Torino to collaborate with other public administrations and jointly carry out research activities on topics of mutual public interest. DIATI is currently party to more than 15 institutional agreements with public administrations.



The database lists ongoing funded projects and commercial research contracts


A description of ongoing and past funded projects where DIATI is involved as coordinator or partner


A description of ongoing and past Institutional Agreements pursuant to Art. 15 of Italian Law 241/1990 where DIATI is involved