Projects Research

At the time being, DIATI is engaged in 32 funded projects. 19 of them are funded by European funds (Horizon 2020, European programs for cross-border cooperation, European Fund for Regional Development) and 8 by national research funds, for a total amount of grants of about 14M € (quotas allocated to DIATI). DIATI is the sole participant or the lead partner in 7 of these projects.

Moreover, DIATI has a strong tradition in industrial and commercial research. Throughout the years, commercial research contracts have consistently increased: in 2017-2019 between 20 and 30 new commercial research contracts/per year were activated, for an overall income of about 10M€ in the period.

Finally, another instrument to support departmental research activities are Institutional agreements. The agreements (based on art. 15 of the Italian Law n.241/1990) allow Politecnico di Torino to cooperate with other public institutions and to implement joint research activities on topics of public interest. At the time being, DIATI is a party in 8 institutional agreements.



The database lists ongoing funded projects and commercial research contracts


A description of ongoing and past funded projects where DIATI is involved as coordinator or partner


A description of ongoing and past Institutional Agreements under the Art. 15 of L. 241/1990 where DIATI is involved