Tunnelling & Rock Engineering Laboratory (TRE)

The research is carried out within the framework of doctoral programmes, degree and master's theses, research and consultancy contracts with public bodies and private companies.

In the field of tunnel construction, the laboratory is specialized in the study of machines and procedures connected with mechanised full-section excavation in rocks and soils, consolidation and support. As part of the study of rock faces, the laboratory deals with hazard and risk analyses, also by means of numerical analyses, with particular reference to rockfalls and the related protection and prevention works.

The laboratory therefore consists of two joint and interoperating research centres: Tunnelling & Underground Space Research Center (TUSC) and Rockfall Protection Engineering Research Center (RoPE).

Estrattore da camera in pressione - screw conveyor extraction device-min Screw conveyor extraction device-min Generatore di schiuma - foam generator-min Foam generator-min Test di adesione dinamica - Dynamic adhesion test device-min Dynamic adhesion test device Miscelatore in pressione - rotational mixer device-min (1) Miscelatore in pressione Attrezzature per malte bicomponente - Two-component backfilling test equipment-min Two-component backfilling test equipment Permeametro - permeameter-min (1) Permeameter Cono di Abrams - Abrams' cone Abrams' cone Pressa idraulica - hydraulic press Hydraulic press Bussola_Cocla COCLA compass Profilometro_30cm Profilometer 30 cm Profilometro_10cm Profilometer 10 cm Sclerometro GeoHammer L-type rock sclerometer TUSC-min Tunnelling & Underground Space Center (TUSC) RoPE Rilievi4 Field survey and analyses RoPE Analisi5 Analyses, research and modelling activities



Type Teaching and research laboratory
Site TUSC: DIATI1 - Piano Primo Interrato
RoPE: DIATI3 - Third floor
Phone TUSC: +39 0110907740 - RoPE: +39 0110907703
E-mail daniele.peila@polito.it