Geomechanics and Geotechnology Laboratory

The laboratory consists of the assembly of three sections (Rock Mechanics, Earth Mechanics and Rock Cutting), it has been active for over 30 years and boasts, in addition to considerable experience in research relating to the physical, mechanical and technological characterization of rocks, an important set of equipment for carrying out tests on site and in the laboratory; it also operates in the numerical modelling sector, using "general purpose" calculation codes such as Flac®, Udec®, Map3D®, for analysis related to field problems (ie: stress-strain in continuous and discrete structures with FEM, FD , BEM, DEM techniques) and specific calculation programs developed for analysis and data processing of various types.


Macchina di carico (pressa) rigida MTS_1 - MTS servo-hydraulic testing system (2) MTS servo-hydraulic testing system Macchina di carico convenzionale monodirezionale_3 - Unidirectional conventional loading machine (1) Unidirectional conventional loading machine Macchina di carico convenzionale bidirezionale_1 - Conventional bidirectional loading machine Conventional bidirectional loading machine Macchina di carico “creep”_1 - Creep test machine "Creep" test machine Dilatometro lineare_1 - Linear dilatometer Linear dilatometer ILCM_1 - Intermediate Linear Cutting Machine ILCM (Intermediate Linear Cutting Machine) Stampante 3D - 3D Printer 3D printer Attrezzatura per prototipazione_1 - Prototyping Equipment Prototyping Equipment

MTS Multipurpose servo-hydraulic testing system for static and dynamic tests, with digital technology, 2700 kN, equipped with load cell, for the execution (automatic / manual) of various types of tests, with different control parameters (load / deformation) and in various conditions: quasi-static, “fast” creep, low frequency dynamics; specific strain gauge transducer kits for uniaxial compression tests, various types of tensile strength, toughness and fracture propagation; 100 MPa triaxial confinement cell and heating apparatus for confined tests at temperatures up to 150 ° C, equipped with special longitudinal and circumferential strain gauges.

Unidirectional conventional loading machine: compression only, 3000 kN, equipped with load cells and triaxial cell.

Conventional bidirectional loading machine: compressive and tensile strength, 50 kN, equipped with load cells and triaxial cell.

Shear machines with 500 kN and 50 kN actuators (horizontal and vertical).

"Creep" test machine, 500 kN load for "slow" creep tests.

Linear dilatometer for NX specimens operating up to 1500 ° C.

ILCM (Intermediate Linear Cutting Machine): structure expressly realized to carry out a test considered, to date, the most realistic for the evaluation of the rock-tool interaction process. The equipment determines the forces exchanged during excavation between a tool (sliding or rolling) and the rock by means of a triaxial cell. The tool used, specifically, is a disc, with the same characteristics as those mounted on the head of a TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine). The sample used faithfully represents the rock to be tested. The possibility of varying some geometric parameters, such as the distance between the grooves and the depth of cut, allow to evaluate the spacing/penetration ratio which allows to optimize the specific excavation energy.

Prototyping equipment: the laboratory is equipped with instruments suitable for the production of prototypes (3D printer) and their finishing

Cerchar Abrasivity Index Cerchar Abrasivity Index Permeametro_2 - Permeameter_2 Permeameter Point Load apparatus Punching test Kit rilievo geostrutturale - Basic kit for geostructural survey basic kit for geostructural survey Tealio pressa terreni - Press frame for soils Press frame for soils Sistemi di monitoraggio_2 - Monitoring Systems_2 Monitoring Systems Modellazione numerica_2 - - Numerical Modelling_2 Numerical Modelling

Equipment for the determination of: abrasiveness (Cerchar Abrasivity Index), punching test (point load test), pulse bar test; also available: basic kit for geostructural survey (profilometer, compass, sclerometer and optical distometer); press frame for soils, maximum load 30 kN; variable/sttled load permeameter.

On-site stress state monitoring and measurements: the laboratory is equipped to carry out determinations of physical, mechanical and technological characteristics on on-site rock-masses. For this purpose, specific equipment is available, such as simple and double core drills, devices for measuring the state of natural or induced stress according to the two-dimensional and three-dimensional methods of stress release (doorstopper, CSIRO) and hydraulic fracturing in small diameter holes, pumps and displacement transducers for measuring the stress state with flat jacks, plate load test equipment for determining deformability, tape for convergence measurements in tunnels, piezometric probes, thermometric probes, total radiation thermometer, heating equipment of rock walls for on-site thermal conductivity measurements. Furthermore, both the design of monitoring systems for geotechnical and environmental parameters, and static checks of natural and / or artificial walls or voids are carried out using sensors of different types (developed on site) and with real-time data acquisition and transfer, with technology wireless.

Numerical modelling: attention is paid to numerical modeling and automatic calculation, using "general purpose" calculation codes such as Flac, UDEC, Map3d, for analysis related to field problems (such as stress-strain in continuous and discrete structures with techniques: FEM , FD, BEM, DEM) and specific calculation programs developed by IGG for analysis and data processing of various types (such as interpretation of geological structural survey; determination of the stress state of a rock mass using data from on-site tests), data acquisition from sensors, control of material testing machines; "general purpose" calculation codes for statistical analysis, mathematical developments, graphics, databases.

Particle size testing equipment for carrying out qualification essays based on the most widespread standards in the world, such as ovens, electromechanical sieves, sieves and so on; Desk with motorized base for sliding tests along discontinuity (tilt test); Equipment for specimen preparation, such as disc cutting machine, core drilling machine and grinding machine

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