Tunnelling and Underground Space Laboratory

The laboratory has the goal to developed researches focused to improve the construction and design of  tunnels and of underground works. Furthermore promotes activities with the aim to increase and to promote innovative underground space uses.

The laboratory is specialized in the study of machines and procedure for the mechanized full-face excavation, for the soil and rock mass supports and reinforcements also with the design and development of innovative test devices and procedures both to be used in laboratory and in situ

Type Research laboratory
Site DIATI - door 3
Phone +39 0110907740 / 7607
E-mail daniele.peila@polito.it
Dimension Local courtyard floor: 5m x 8m

EPB tunnelling: assessment of conditioning

Tools wear in mechanized tunnelling

Study of backfilling in mechanized tunnelling

Study of the grouting of soils and rock masses

Tests on tunnel supports and reinforcements both in laboratory and in situ, also with specifically designed test devices and procedures


Screw conveyor extraction test, Foam generator, Press, Prototypes designed to assess soil conditioning and wear in soils and rock masses, Viscosimeter, Pumps for grout injections, permeameter, scales, cocla compass