The Department of ENVIRONMENT, LAND AND INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING (DIATI) is the point of reference in Politecnico di Torino for the areas of knowledge that study the technologies which deal with safeguarding, protecting and managing the environment and land, the sustainable use of resources, as well as the optimal and eco-compatible development of infrastructures and transport systems.
DIATI promotes, coordinates and manages basic and applied research, training , technology transfer and services to the local community in the field of engineering applications within land sciences, natural sciences and economic and management sciences.

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Prolonged until 31 March 2018!

11 April 2018 at 1 pm

NoonTalk@DIATI 23 - Transport properties of nanoconfined water for energy and environmental applications

Seminar with Matteo Fasano

DIATI Meeting Room - Door 3, 1st floor