Rockfall Protection Engineering Laboratory

The study of the protection and prevention devices against rockfall is the main activity of the research laboratory. The activities are developed with in situ surveying and with the development of specific test and numerical analysis. Innovative procedures for the risk analysis and assessment of rock slopes, for trajectory evaluation and for the optimal design of the devices. A special attention to the design of net fences , rockfall protection embankments and drapery nets is one of the most important activity of the laboratory.

Type Research laboratory
Site DIATI3 - Third floor
Phone +39 0110907671
Fax +39 0110907699
Dimension 14.84 m²

In situ survey on rock slopes and assessment of the design block. Analysis of durability and maintenance of the protection devices.

In situ test on rock bolts.

Net fences certifications and numerical design.

Development of innovative tests for the assessment of rockfall protection devices.

Trajectory calculations.


Rock bolt traction test.

Numerical codes for trajectory analysis and for the assessment of the design block.

Numerical design of net fences.