Research in the en.sur.e. water lab (environmental surface engineering laboratory for water) focuses on environmental mechanisms occurring at the solid/water interface and in the engineering applications of these phenomena.  In particular, our efforts are focused towards innovation in the field of water and wastewater treatment using membranes, and in the use of nanoparticles in environmental remediation. Our work is at the interface of several disciplines, including separation technology, materials science, colloid/surface science, and environmental chemistry.

Type Research laboratory
Site DIATI entrance #3 - Basement floor
Phone +390110907628
Fax +390110907699
E-mail alberto.tiraferri@polito.it
Web site https://areeweb.polito.it/ensurewater/

We employ various techniques to fabricate and functionalize membranes, such as interfacial polimerization, phase separation, and layer-by-layer assembly.  For testing and process optimization, we are equipped with a cross-flow reverse osmosis/nanofiltration system, a dead-end ultrafiltration system, a forward osmosis/membrane distillation system, and a dead-end reverse osmosis/nanofiltration system.  We also work with pilot systems: currently, we have experiments ongoing with a 2-module nanofiltration system and a single module ceramic ultrafiltration setup. We also own an optical reflectometer, equipped with a 532 nm wavelength laser, to study the interaction of macromolecules with particles and solid surfaces