The main objective of the project is the evaluation of the existing perspectives for the treatment of bottom ash deriving from waste incineration, with particular attention to fine residual fraction, and the analysis of their performance considering bottom ash deriving from different incineration plants in Europe. The results of this evaluation will be included in the elaboration of actions and technologies that can be applied in order to go beyond the state of the art, to meet the standards required for secondary raw materials in different industrial sectors and to contribute to the development of end-of-life criteria for bottom ash. The final goal of the project is the conversion of bottom ash into secondary raw materials having a market value, a legal use and without hazards for the human health and the environment.
The PoliTO DIATI research group is leader of WP1 (Analysis of EU Baseline situation about bottom ash management) and of WP4 (Economic and environmental assessment. Key performance indicators). PoliTO DIATI will also partcipate in WP2 (Trial tests of bottom ash treatment on a full-scale), WP3 (Evaluation of recovery potential of the fine fraction), WP5 (Communication and dissemination) and WP6 (Project Management). IREN Group is involved in the project as external partner for full-scale pilot test.

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Class International project
Status Current (from 01/05/2018)
Type European Research Projects
Lenght 36 months

Hamburg University of Technology
Istitute of Environmental Technology and Energy Economics (TUHH)


Politecnico di Torino – DIATI, Italy
Heidemann Recycling GmbH, Germany
BAM Research Institute, Germany
Sysav, Sweden

Budget Total project: 506.600,00 €
POLITO: 100.000,00 €