All those subjects aimed at the comprehension of the passenger transport and travel phenomena as well as of freight transport and related logistics are included in this area.

This implies the study and knowledge of: performance of transport components, installations and systems; the configuration of the optimal or most suitable transport system from the technological, functional, economical and financial viewpoint as well as for the land and energy use that it implies, the environmental aspects, the active and passive safety and the comfort of transported people; the management and operation of transport systems.

The area includes therefore all those subjects concerning methods and techniques for simulating the transport and travel demand, the transport supply, the interaction between demand and supply, the impacts on the economics, on the land and energy use, on the environment and safety (accidents); the short and long term (strategic) transport planning; the regulation and control of transport systems; the engineering and design of the components, installations and complex transport systems, also in relation with the specific technologies used within different transport means; the design, management, operation of transport services; the intelligent transport systems, with reference to the integration and the application - within transport systems and related components - of electronics, information and communication technologies.