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mercoledì 5 giugno 2019 - ore 13:00

NoonTalk@DIATI #34: Adaptive remediation supporting the integrated design of brownfield re-use

Politecnico di Torino - Bibolini room, ground floor DIATI door 3

Speakers: Prof. Matteo Robiglio, DAD Prof. Tiziana Tosco, DIATI - Prof. Rajandrea Sethi moderates the discussion

The presence of abandoned industrial sites in urban areas is a common legacy of the past decades. Brownfields often have a great potential in terms of regeneration and re-use, and their successful recovery is heavily affected both by a correct and cost-effective design of the site remediation, and a comprehensive design of the architectural regeneration.

However, even if urban regeneration and remediation design are clearly strictly related but in many cases their interactions are limited. Site remediation is in many cases, designed and planned without taking into account the architectural future project, that in turn is in most cases developed only when the remediation is concluded. However, combining the two different steps may optimize both, also in terms of costs.

The talk presents the first steps in the development of the toolkit AdRem – Adaptive Remediation – as a support for the integrated design or remediation and architectural planning. The work is being developed in FULL integrating expertise of environmental engineers and urban planners.