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22 May 2019


h 11:30 - DIATI Entrance 3 - Meeting room - 1st floor

The Paris Agreement sets ambitious goals to limit climate change, but also facilitates adaptation to unavoidable climate change. In line with the Paris Agreement, the European Union and its Member States, have agreed on several policies to limit greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and outlined a plan to further limit these emissions by 2050. These plans will have far fetching consequences for society, but also provide new opportunities. The transformation of the energy sector is one of the grand challenges, but also emissions related to the land sector are of importance. Agriculture is seen as part of the problem, but also the solution, and Dr Dentener will present some examples of work at the Joint Research Centre. He will further present in more detail an analysis of the mitigation opportunities for methane, and the benefits for public health, agriculture and climate.

Speaker: Frank Dentener, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Sustainable Resources Directorate

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