NODES – Nord Ovest digitale e Sostenibile

NODES is the innovation ecosystem of Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta and of the western provinces of Lombardy.  
The main goal of the project is to create research and industrial chains in seven areas related to the entrepreneurial vocation of the territory. The project aims to support innovation on technological trajectories with high potential to develop on one hand new products and processes in existing SMEs, to encourage the processes of research valorisation and of technology transfer increasing competitiveness to an international level; on the other hand, the project aims to promote the creation of new “Deep Tech” start-ups and spin-offs in the identified areas, attracting additional economic resources from Venture Capital funds. To carry out this collaboration, collaborative innovation paths and tools will be studied between start-ups, SMEs, large enterprises and the research world, which are deducible and replicable even after the NRRP is concluded. 
DIATI is involved in Spoke 2 Green technologies and sustainable industries, in Spoke 4 Digital innovation toward sustainable mountain and in Spoke 7 Secondary agroindustry. 

Class National project
Status Current (from 01/10/2022)
Web site NODES