RESBA - REsilienza degli SBArramenti - Completed (31/12/2020)

The project aims to increase knowledge, train technicians, raise awareness among local administrators and the general public on the topic of dams, crucial for the cross-border mountain territories, both in terms of management and prevention of related risks. The expected results:
1. Development of a system of assessment of vulnerability and monitoring of weirs,
2. Coinvolution and sensitization of the population exposed to the risk of collapse.

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Class International project
Status Completed (31/12/2020)
Type European Research Projects
Lenght 44 months

Regione Autonoma Valle D'Aosta


VDA Regione Autonoma Valle D'Aosta;
PIE Regione Piemonte;
POLI Politecnico di Torino;
METRO Citta' Metropolitana Torino – Servizio Protezione Civile;
IRSTEA Institut National de Recherche en Sciences et Technologies pour l'Environnement et l'Agriculture;
DREAL Directions Régionales de l'Environnement, de l'Aménagement et du Logement  

Budget Totale progetto: 1.973.242,00 €
POLITO: 415.000,00 €
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