The scientific-disciplinary sector “Roads, railways and airports” concerns the theories and techniques aimed at the conception, design, construction, adaptation, management, maintenance and control of transport infrastructures. This is in relation to the transport demand, human factors, traffic safety, the impact on the environment and the economic effectiveness of the interventions. 

The topics related to transport infrastructures are addressed by means of a theoretical‑experimental approach which involves laboratory and field activities, as well as collaborations with numerous public and private institutions.

The main lines of research are indicated in the following:

  • Structural, geometric and functional design of infrastructures;
  • Development and characterization of traditional and innovative construction materials for roads, railways and airports;
  • Evaluation of standard and new technologies for construction, rehabilitation and maintenance operations for better performance and lower environmental and economic life cycle costs;
  • Road safety;
  • Organization and safety of working sites.

Mechanical characterization of bituminous mixtures

Road working site

Rheometric test