Road Safety and Driving Simulation Laboratory

Active since 2015, the Road Safety and Driving Simulation Laboratory (RSDS), supports the activities of the ICAR-04 (Roads, Railways, Airports) scientific sector regarding the geometric design of road, with specific emphasis to road safety issues associated to any user (i.e., drivers and passengers, cyclists and pedestrians). 

The research topics concern:

 - vehicle, driver, infrastructure, and environment interaction;

- the operational effects of road geometrics;

- the sight analysis;

- the safety analysis through the use of predicting methods;

- operational speed measurements and modelling (for speed limit definition, evaluation of the effectiveness of traffic moderation systems, speed-mitigation systems monitoring, speed management)



Palo in fibra di carbonio per l’acquisizione di video di campo verticale Carbon-fiber pole for field video acquisition Action Cam HD Action Cam HD 1080p Wi-Fi and GPS Sensore integrato GPS-IMU per rilievi naturalistici su veicolo strumentato Inertial-GPS positioning unit for naturalistic survey on instrumented vehicles retroriflettometro Retroreflectometer for horizontal marking Sistema di tracciamento oculare DSC_5120-14 Eye-tracking system for naturalistic driving tests Simulatore di guida DSC_4976-2 Driving simulator software SCANeR™ Studio - software sistema di tracciamento DSC_5059-9 Instrument that allows eye tracking for laboratory tests


    • breathalyser
    • Anti-distraction devices
    • Biometric sensors 
  • SOFTWARE (used):
    • SCANeR Studio 1.9 (stand-alone, workstation and student pack)
    • Kinovea (image analysis)
    • MATLab - Simulink
    • Jamovi (Statistical package)
    • R (Statistical package)
Type Teaching and research laboratory
  • BASSANI MARCO - Responsabile scientifico / Responsabile tecnico