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Belcore, Elena; Piras, Marco; Dabove, Paolo; Massazza, Giovanni; Rosso, Maurizio (2022)
Comparison of Free and Open {PPP} Services for Master-base Positioning in Geodetic Disadvantaged Areas: Case Study along the Sirba River in Sub-Saharan Africa. In: Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management - GISTAM, pp. 37-47. ISBN: 978-989-758-571-5
De Filippis, Tiziana; Rocchi, Leandro; Massazza, Giovanni; Pezzoli, Alessandro; Rosso, ... (2022)
Hydrological Web Services for Operational Flood Risk Monitoring and Forecasting at Local Scale in Niger. In: ISPRS INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GEO-INFORMATION, vol. 11, pp. 1-24. ISSN 2220-9964
Comino, Elena; Fiorucci, Adriano; Rosso, Maurizio; Terenziani, Andrea; Treves, Anna (2021)
Vegetation and Glacier Trends in the Area of the Maritime Alps Natural Park (Italy): MaxEnt Application to Predict Habitat Development. In: CLIMATE, vol. 9, pp. 1-13. ISSN 2225-1154
Tiepolo, Maurizio; Belcore, Elena; Braccio, Sarah; Issa, Souradji; Massazza, Giovanni; ... (2021)
Method for fluvial and pluvial flood risk assessment in rural settlements. In: METHODSX (AMSTERDAM), vol. 8, pp. 0-16. ISSN 2215-0161
Massazza, Giovanni; Bacci, Maurizio; Descroix, Luc; Ibrahim Mohamed, Housseini; ... (2021)
Recent Changes in Hydroclimatic Patterns over Medium Niger River Basins at the Origin of the 2020 Flood in Niamey (Niger). In: WATER, vol. 13, pp. 1-39. ISSN 2073-4441
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