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+39 0110907616 / 7616 (DIATI)

Most recent publications

Columbu, Andrea; Nannoni, Alessia; Grasso, Nives; Dabove, Paolo; Fiorucci, Adriano; ... (2022)
Genesis of wavy carbonate flowstone deposits in Bossea Cave (North Italy) and their hydroclimatic significance. In: CATENA, vol. 214. ISSN 0341-8162
Bellopede, Rossana; Marini, Paola; Chiappino, Claudia; Vigna, Bartolomeo (2022)
Different varieties of black marble from "Monregalese" district in Piedmont (Italy). In: EGU General Assembly 2022, Vienna, 23-27 May, 2022
Balestra, Valentina; Fiorucci, Adriano; Vigna, Bartolomeo (2022)
Study of the Trends of Chemical–Physical Parameters in Different Karst Aquifers: Some Examples from Italian Alps. In: WATER, vol. 14. ISSN 2073-4441
Isaia, Marco; Arca, A.; Balestra, Valentina; Bellopede, Rossana; Biagioli, F.; Cina, ... (2021)
SHOWCAVE: a multidisciplinary research project to quantify and mitigate the environmental impacts in tourist caves. In: "Ecology for an Ecological Transition" – XXX Congresso della Società Italiana di Ecologia, Lecce, 25-27 ottobre 2021
LO RUSSO, Stefano; Vigna, Bartolomeo; Fiorucci, Adriano; Taddia, Glenda (2021)
Engineering geology challenges at the Politecnico di Torino. In: GEAM. GEOINGEGNERIA AMBIENTALE E MINERARIA, vol. 163/164, pp. 89-99. ISSN 1121-9041
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