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July 5th-16th 2024

Stochastic methods in hydrology

Politecnico di Torino, DIATI Entrance 3

The course will offer an introduction to stochastic methods applied to the field of hydrology. It will provide a
basic overview of probability theory and statistics and introduce the notion of stochastic processes. The most
common probabilistic models used for hydrological processes and their extremes will be presented. Simple
stochastic models will be introduced, and related simulation algorithms will be applied in class.
The course is open to PhD students, research assistants, research fellows and RTD.


  • July 5th 2024, 09:30, Multifunctional Room DIATI 3: CAFES Seminar “The importance of stochastic methods in hydrology and extremes: Insights from Greece”. A general overview of the course will follow.
  • July 8th 2024, 09:00, Classroom Bibolini: Introduction to probability, statistics, and stochastic processes for
  • July 11th 2024, 09:00, Classroom Bibolini: Common distributions used for hydrological processes and their
  • July 15th 2024, 09:00, Classroom Bibolini: Basic stochastic models and simulation algorithms applied for
    hydrological processes
  • July 16th 2024, 09:00, Classroom Bibolini: State-of-the-art applications in hydrology
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Speaker's Bio: Theano Iliopoulou is a Research and Teaching Associate at the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). She holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from NTUA, where her research focused on stochastic methods for hydrological extremes. She also holds an MSc in Hydrology and Water Resources Management from Imperial College London, and a Diploma in Civil Engineering from NTUA. Her research interests include rainfall hydrology, hydroclimatic extremes and their spatio-temporal dynamics, and novel applications of stochastic methods in water resources and environmental research. She is co-author of 36 papers in international scientific journals, 2 book chapters, and over 80 presentations in international conferences. She has worked as a researcher in several European and national research projects, as an external consultant for civil engineering companies and as an adjunct lecturer at the University of West Attica. Recently, she was the principal investigator of a national-scale project for design rainfall curves in Greece. Since 2019, she serves as a convener of the session "Future Hydroclimatic Scenarios in a Changing World" at the European Geosciences Union.