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Shams Esfandabadi, H.; Ghamary Asl, M.; Shams Esfandabadi, Z.; Gautam, S.; Ranjbari, M. (2022)
Drought assessment in paddy rice fields using remote sensing technology towards achieving food security and SDG2. In: BRITISH FOOD JOURNAL, vol. ahead-of-print. ISSN 0007-070X
Ranjbari, M.; Shams Esfandabadi, Z.; Gautam, S.; Ferraris, A.; Scagnelli, S. D. (2022)
Waste management beyond the COVID-19 pandemic: Bibliometric and text mining analyses. In: GONDWANA RESEARCH, pp. 1-14. ISSN 1342-937X
Ranjbari, M.; Shams Esfandabadi, Z.; Quatraro, F.; Vatanparast, H.; Lam, S. S.; ... (2022)
Biomass and organic waste potentials towards implementing circular bioeconomy platforms: A systematic bibliometric analysis. In: FUEL, vol. 318, pp. 1-22. ISSN 0016-2361
Ameli, M.; Shams Esfandabadi, Z.; Sadeghi, S.; Ranjbari, M.; Zanetti, M. C. (2022)
COVID-19 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Scenario analysis through fuzzy cognitive map modeling. In: GONDWANA RESEARCH, pp. 1-18. ISSN 1342-937X
Ranjbari, Meisam; SHAMS ESFANDABADI, Zahra; Zanetti, Mariachiara; Domenico Scagnelli, ... (2021)
Three pillars of sustainability in the wake of COVID-19: A systematic review and future research agenda for sustainable development. In: JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, vol. 297, pp. 1-23. ISSN 0959-6526
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