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15*, 17*, 29**, 30* November 2022, 4-6 p.m

Modelling with LS – DYNA (LSTC - Ansys)

DIATI Dept, Entrance DIATI3, classroom «Bibolini*» and «Meeting Room 1st floor**»

Automotive Crashworthiness & Occupant Safety Metal Forming
Aerospace industry application
Drop testing & Impact analysis
Can and shipping container design
Electronic component design
Glass forming
Plastics, mold, and blow forming
Biomedical (heart valves)
Metal cutting
Earthquake engineering
Failure analysis
Sports equipment (golf clubs, golf balls, baseball bats, helmets)
Civil engineering (offshore platforms, pavement design) Explosions (underwater mines, shaped charges, EFP’s, Penetration)

Free access, link to Politecnico academic licenses will be provided for personal use during classes. Code can be installed on personal devices for practice during classes.
Teaching material - pdf file of presentations - will be available.
The Seminar is intended for MSc students, PhD candidates, researchers, practitioners, will be taught in English and presented by Prof. Ricardo Castedo Ruiz, Digym, UPM, Madrid, visiting professor at DIATI
Welcome address by Claudio Oggeri (DIATI)
Up to 40 participants will be admitted, please register through this form by Nov 11: