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Rosso, Elisa; Insana, Alessandra; Vesipa, Riccardo; Barla, Marco (2022)
Optimization of the hydraulic circuit for energy tunnels. In: International Conference on Computational Methods and Information Models in Tunneling (EURO:TUN), Bochum, Germany, 2022, June 22nd-24th
Vesipa, R.; Paissoni, E.; Manes, C.; Ridolfi, L. (2021)
Dynamics of bubbles under stochastic pressure forcing. In: PHYSICAL REVIEW. E, vol. 103. ISSN 2470-0045
Burzio, E.; Bersani, F.; Caridi, G. C. A.; Vesipa, R.; Ridolfi, L.; Manes, C. (2020)
Water disinfection by orifice-induced hydrodynamic cavitation. In: ULTRASONICS SONOCHEMISTRY, vol. 60. ISSN 1350-4177
Fellini, Sofia; Vesipa, Riccardo; Boano, Fulvio; Ridolfi, Luca (2019)
Fault detection in level and flow rate sensors for safe and performant remote-control in a water supply system. In: JOURNAL OF HYDROINFORMATICS. ISSN 1464-7141
Vesipa, Riccardo; Fellini, Sofia (2018)
FLOW OSCILLATIONS IN A STEEP WATER MAIN. In: XXXVI Convegno Nazionale di idraulica e Costruzioni Idrauliche, Ancona (Italia), 12-14 Settembre 2018. ISBN: 9788894379907
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