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Tuninetti, M.; Ridolfi, L.; Laio, F. (2022)
Compliance with EAT–Lancet dietary guidelines would reduce global water footprint but increase it for 40% of the world population. In: NATURE FOOD, vol. 3, pp. 143-151. ISSN 2662-1355
Sciarra, Carla; Tuninetti, Marta; Falsetti, Benedetta (2021)
L’acqua nascosta nel nostro carrello della spesa – The hidden water of our food baskets. In: PANGEA, vol. 6, pp. 38-40. ISSN 2704-7458
De Angelis, P.; Tuninetti, M.; Bergamasco, L.; Calianno, L.; Asinari, P.; Laio, F.; ... (2021)
Data-driven appraisal of renewable energy potentials for sustainable freshwater production in Africa. In: RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS, vol. 149. ISSN 1364-0321
Tamea, Stefania; Tuninetti, Marta; Rolle, Matteo (2020)
Green and blue water use for agricultural production: Volumes and efficiencies. In: Water Resources and Economic Processes / Tiziano Distefano, S.L., Routledge, pp. 78-97. ISBN: 9780367111403
Tamea, Stefania; Tuninetti, Marta; Soligno, Irene; Laio, Francesco (2020)
CWASI database: virtual water trade and water footprint of agricultural products (1961-2016).
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