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Full Professor

Vice Head of Department (Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering)
Member of Interdepartmental Center (PIC4SeR - PoliTO Interdepartmental Centre for Service Robotics)

+39 0110907661 / 7661 (DIATI)

Last years publications

Belcore, E.; Di Pietra, V.; Grasso, N.; Piras, M.; Tondolo, F.; Savino, P.; Polania, D. ... (2022)
Towards a FOSS Automatic Classification of Defects for Bridges Structural Health Monitoring. In: Communications in Computer and Information Science / S.N., S.L., Springer Science and Business Media, pp. 298-312. ISBN: 978-3-030-94425-4
Belcore, Elena; Piras, Marco; Pezzoli, Alessandro (2022)
Land Cover Classification from Very High-Resolution UAS Data for Flood Risk Mapping. In: SENSORS, vol. 22. ISSN 1424-8220
Belcore, Elena; Piras, Marco; Dabove, Paolo; Massazza, Giovanni; Rosso, Maurizio (2022)
Comparison of Free and Open {PPP} Services for Master-base Positioning in Geodetic Disadvantaged Areas: Case Study along the Sirba River in Sub-Saharan Africa. In: Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management - GISTAM, pp. 37-47. ISBN: 978-989-758-571-5
Spadavecchia, Claudio; Belcore, Elena; Piras, Marco; Kobal, Milan (2022)
Valutazione degli effetti di eventi naturali disastrosi in zone boschive mediante acquisizioni LiDAR aeree e multi-temporali. In: Conferenza Nazionale di Geomatica e Informazione Geografica #ASITA2022, Genova, 20-24 Giugno 2022, pp. 535-536. ISBN: 978-88-941232-9-6
Spadavecchia, Claudio; Belcore, Elena; Piras, Marco; Kobal, Milan (2022)
Forest change detection using multi-temporal aerial point clouds. In: D-SITE Conference, Pavia, 16-18 Giugno 2022, pp. 558-563. ISBN: 978-88-6952-159-1
Mate-Gonzalez, M. A.; Blazquez, C. S.; Garcia, P. C.; Rodriguez-Hernandez, J.; ... (2021)
Towards a combined use of geophysics and remote sensing techniques for the characterization of a singular building: “El Torreón” (the tower) at Ulaca oppidum (Solosancho, Ávila, Spain). In: SENSORS, vol. 21. ISSN 1424-8220
Giordan, D.; Godone, D.; Baldo, M.; Piras, M.; Grasso, N.; Zerbetto, R. (2021)
Survey solutions for 3D acquisition and representation of artificial and natural caves. In: APPLIED SCIENCES, vol. 11. ISSN 2076-3417
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