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+39 0110907647 / 7647 (DIATI)

PhD Boards
  • Rilievo e rappresentazione, conservazione e restauro, 2005/6 (21. ciclo)
    Politecnico di TORINO
  • Disegno e rilievo per la tutela del patrimonio edilizio e territoriale, 2004/5 (20. ciclo)
    Politecnico di TORINO
  • Disegno e rilievo per la tutela del patrimonio edilizio e territoriale, 2003/4 (19. ciclo)
    Politecnico di TORINO
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“…After 25 years of experience in the field of Environment, I am focused to drive the Environmental
Engineers students to fill the gap between biology (the science of the life) and technology. I teach them the
Fundamentals of Ecology, useful to build the bridge between nature, society and technology. I strongly
believe in cultural relationships with the students, I work with and for them; I try to lead them to find out
their own scientific-technical passions and interest. I am now responsible for the student Team AKaNoah in
Politecnico di Torino,, 36 students working on Re-Thinking a boat for plastic collection and environmental
Thanks to the great opportunity and experience I have done in my carrier, thank to the colleagues, students
and friends that I meet around the world, now I want to share my scientific knowledge and experience in the
field of phytotechnology, teaching how we can apply plants properties to improve the technology. I
developed researches in the field of phytoremediation, for soil, water and air, in Nature Based Solution
application. The key point of all my research and studies is the human wellbeing. And I dream to work on it
with the technological support. This is what I teach to the young researchers. I have been working and
teaching from kids to the university students and trained them to be more conscious and responsible
because our action can modify our ecosystem”