Driving simulator (AV Simulation)

The simulator of the laboratory is a product of AV Simulation (https://www.avsimulation.com/), a French company that manufactures hardware and software for simulation in road, rail and airport. It is a "compact" simulator that offers drivers a realistic driving interface and a wide field of view. It consists of:

▪ three 32" Full HD Samsung 16:9 LCD screens that allow you to depict virtual reality with a viewing angle of 130°. The two side screens are inclined about 25°. compared to the central screen and allow the peripheral vision of the scenario;

▪ a 9" screen showing the instrument cluster (speedometer, rev counter and gear);

▪ a manual six-speed gearbox;

▪ a control panel with power button, horn and handbrake;

▪ three pedals (clutch, brake and accelerator);

▪ a vibrating force-controlled steering wheel.